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Customer Reviews: Review Website Management

Significantly Increase Good Customer Reviews With Positive Reviews Pro!

A recent study carried out by 'Michael Luca' - Professor of Business Administration (Harvard Business School) confirmed our own theories and found that 89% of people now actively seek out or rely on good customer reviews across review sites such as 'Google Local', 'Trip Advisor', 'Yelp' and 'Qype' before making a decision to purchase. As many as 4 out of 5 people have changed their minds about a recommended purchase based solely on negative reviews being posted online.

The problem that exists for the majority of companies is that customers who have had a negative experience are much quicker and simply more motivated to turn to the internet to vent frustrations and tell the world about their bad experiences than a company's average, everyday happy customers would be to post a good company review. It is just not an easy task to bring in good customer reviews. What ends up happening is that a successful company with many happy customers in the real world suffers from lost business and lower local rankings as a result. 

What level of control is given to company owners who experience an influx of unregulated bad reviews across these review sites? The answer is little to none. In the Hotel and Restaurant industry alone, over 120 companies go under every single month!

The solution... 

customer reviews 
Our existing customers started to ask if there was a way to help them manage their reputation online. Could we develop a system which makes it incredibly easy to not only capture reviews from all of their happy customers and make sure they are posted online, but instantly identify unhappy customers and alert management to them before they have a chance to post negative feedback online?

Well, we listened, and now you finally have a way to significantly increase your company's good customer reviews and stop negative reviews from ever reaching review websites on the internet. Positive Reviews Pro does all that and so much more!

Rise Up The Ranks

The traditional Yellow Pages are extinct. Your customers now turn to the internet to find local services and usually the first port of call is Google or huge review websites like Trip Advisor. If your company either suffers from a lack of reviews, or bad reviews then you are losing business every time your company is found. Try typing your company name into Google and see for yourself. Google Local reviews are attached to your website url and look how high up Trip Advisor and other review sites appear!

How is your listing on Trip Advisor looking? If you were a customer would you choose your hotel over one of your competitors who are performing better than yours? 

Take Control of Your Brand

Don’t let your customers become disillusioned or overwhelmed by bad company reviews left on review sites across the web. Take control of who leaves feedback and where before it’s too late. It is nearly impossible to remove bad company reviews posted about your business online. Review sites do not have a delete button and it can take a lengthy and costly lawsuit to stand a chance of having them taken down. Motivate your customers to leave good company reviews and leave your competitors behind.

National Reviews Pro Services

We provide you with all the resources needed to collect geniune customer reviews from your every day happy customers who otherwise may not have been inclined to leave a review normally. Positive Reviews Pro allows you to take control of your online reputation from one easy to use smart corporate platform.


Positive Reviews Pro:

  • Works with all major reviews sites including Google 
  • Allows for the easy capture of unlimited customer reviews  
  • Alerts you to an bad review and provides you with that customers details for you to instantly take action before they have a chance to go online
  • Handles all branches from one portal
  • Includes integration for coupons, social media referrals and email marketing
  • Includes full analytics and real time reporting
  • Full support and instruction is given to help you get the most out of your system


  • A strong brand with positive content about your business spread across the web where it matters
  • Positive feedback and customer reviews at the top of the search engines and review sites
  • Drown out negative content so potential customers are not exposed to unfair reviews
  • Build huge customer information databases for use in future Marketing efforts 
  • Discover and address the areas of your company which need attention - BEFORE COMMENTS GO LIVE! 

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